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Murphysboro Executive Director

Executive Director – Dawn McClerren

The Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce was officially established in 1923, marking a rich history that we can all take pride in as we look ahead to our future.  Our town of Murphysboro is steeped in historical significance.  Thanks to the efforts of the Murphysboro Main Street Program, many local businesses have restored their facades to reflect the town’s original appearance from decades past.  The John A. Logan Museum, with its engaging archaeological digs, plays a crucial role in involving our children and educating them about Murphysboro’s history.

Looking forward, both our community and its leaders have embarked on various projects over the years to nurture the essence of our hometown. The Smysor Plaza, a picturesque park featuring a fountain designed by our renowned local artist, John Medwedeff, stands as a testament to our commitment to the future. Our state-of-the-art General John A. Logan Elementary School is a source of pride for our children and demonstrates that we are shaping Murphysboro’s future with their well-being in mind.

Opportunities abound for new businesses here as well.  Currently, several enterprises are taking advantage of our Technology and Industrial Park, and there are still vacant lots awaiting your business venture.  To learn more, please contact the City of Murphysboro at (618) 684-4961.

When it’s time to unwind, you’ll find numerous options at your disposal. Murphysboro is fortunate to be home to two stunning lakes, Lake Murphysboro State Park and Kinkaid Lake SFWA, offering recreational activities like boating, camping, and fishing.  Nature enthusiasts can revel in the breathtaking beauty of the Shawnee National Forest.

Throughout the year, Murphysboro hosts several exciting events, including the renowned Murphysboro Apple Festival, St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, and the Praise the Lard Murphysboro Barbecue Cook-off, just to name a few.  These events draw in over 40,000 visitors who also explore our charming antique stores, specialty shops, restaurants, and retail outlets.  Visitors are welcomed with the unique sense of hospitality that only a small town can provide.

This is our community, and we should take pride in our accomplishments.  With our strong community spirit and volunteerism, we can ensure a bright future for Murphysboro.  On behalf of the Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce, we extend an invitation to you to join us in shaping our future.  Together, we can guarantee that Murphysboro remains an outstanding place to work, play, and raise our families.

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